Education is an integral part of the Adventure Dynamics philosophy. Everything we do incorporates a certain amount of teaching. From personal goal setting; navigation; environmental science; weather systems affecting NZ; technical alpine skills or river rescue – it’s all important.
Education Outside The Classroom (EOTC)
Staff at Adventure Dynamics are all incredibly good working with school students. We will run almost any kind of programme, depending on time constraints, the number and age of the students and the desired outcome.

It could be running a kayak activity on flat water, abseiling, field-trips for science and geography, year 9 camps, through to leadership training for seniors.

Adventure Dynamics
Many activities in the outdoors can be justified by links to the school curriculum particularly when you consider the Key competencies:
  • Thinking
  • Using language, symbols and texts
  • Managing self
  • Relating to others
  • Participating and contributing

Adventure Dynamics
is able to teach and assess Outdoor Recreation to level 5 and Recreation Management Unit Standards. We have experience working with outdoor education departments in schools and closely with school STAR and Gateway programmes. Don is a
Skills Active assessor so is able to work with non accredited providers.
Outdoor Pursuits
Adventure Dynamics
Courses and activities are usually run on demand. Here are a few examples or what is available.

Adventure activities

These can be run for any group wanting an adventure of some kind.
For example:
  • a half-day sea-level traverse of Paritutu Rock near Back Beach. This involves scrambling mainly sideways just above the crashing sea while being attached firmly to ropes, sliding along ropes across the water and maybe a little abseiling.
  • Kayaking down the grade 1 Awakino River on sit-on kayaks
  • Abseiling the Whitecliffs in North Taranaki. A beautifully scenic place that can only be accessed at low tide.
Adventure Dynamics
Technical Instruction

  • Introductory to advanced levels for many pursuits.
  • Alpine training on Taranaki or Ruapehu. This can be over a single day or multiple involving staying in a comfy alpine lodge or perhaps in a snow cave.
  • Kayak skills for flat water or white water. Kayak rolling. Grade 2 training and assessment for multi-sport eventers
  • Rock climbing This may be on Mt. Taranaki or possible further afield at perhaps Wharepapa South or Kawakawa Bay. Learn to climb, learn to lead and be self sufficient.
  • Kayak river rescue and river safety These courses are run in conjunction with WhiteWater NZ. Visit this site for a full description for the course content. This course is a must for both the rescuer and the person being rescued.
  • Navigation Learn from one of NZ’s top navigators with years of experience as an orienteer, rogainer, and adventure racer
Leadership and instructor training
Don is and Assessor for the New Zealand Outdoor Instructor's Association and Skills Active. This means he is qualified to teach up to instructor level in

  • Bush
  • Alpine
  • Kayak
  • Rock
  • Abseil
  • Outdoor Safety management
Contact Don at Adventure Dynamics for comprehensive training or revalidation of your current skills. There are now some new (in 2010) low-key Leader qualifications, as opposed to Instructor Quals. See the syllabi on the NZOIA website. They could be just what you were after. This training can be in Taranaki, Central North Island, in your workplace, or almost anywhere.