Safety Management
During his many years in the outdoor instruction and adventure tourism industry, Don Paterson has been actively involved in the driving of outdoor safety in New Zealand. He has had involvement in the NZ Outdoor Instructor’s Association since it’s inception, has been on advisory committees for the NZ Mountain Safety Council and has facilitated risk management workshops for the Ministry of Education.

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Team Building
Adventure Dynamics
Adventure Dynamics

Who for:

  • businesses wanting to increase productivity in staff
  • schools, companies and organisations developing leadership skills in students or staff
  • sports teams
  • new group induction

Staff need to be confident of self and of their colleagues, be able to show initiative, make decisions, think outside the square, be creative, be able to communicate and be a team player.

sports teams need to perform using everyone’s strengths and acknowledging weaknesses. they need discipline and good leadership with clear communication new enrolments can only gel once they know each other better.

New teams such as new entrants to high school are better off if given the opportunity to interact, trust and cooperate with each other.

Everyone responds better to social interchanges if they have a common experience to talk about.

Adventure Dynamics offer a range of experiential training options from a fun day out to facilitated sessions where effective team development is the focus. Used effectively, adventure can become a key for unlocking closed minds, stimulating fresh thinking, encouraging meaningful dialogue and triggering learning that is transferable to the workplace.

Nothing is standard but is tailored to suit your requirements and your budget.

Look at the options below for an indication of what Adventure Dynamics can offer, then contact Don to discuss your training needs.

Designed to bring staff together to work and communicate as a team. The programme may be as short as a 2 hour abseil off a building in the middle of town. It could be an expedition up Mount Taranaki/Egmont or a multi-day float trip on the Wanganui River. Adventure does not always have to be very physical though. There are adventures such as fishing, treasure hunts in the park and galleries, or getting by with good team cooperation.

  • Outcomes:
  • Fun
  • Relaxing
  • Shared experience
  • Team effectiveness
  • Increased self confidence
Activities are selected to focus learning on the specific team’s needs. Activities are sequential and the Experiential Learning Cycle is used to enable transfer of learning outcomes back to the business, school or sports field.

  • Outcomes:
  • Open communication
  • Individual and group leadership qualities enhanced
  • Problem solving strategies
  • Team cohesion
  • Understanding of team structure
Teams compete against each other to reach their final goal. Adventures may be a round-robin of tasks, or teams may need to complete a journey as in the “Amazing Race” style where leadership, problem solving and cooperation are essential.

  • Outcomes:
  • Team effectiveness enhanced
  • Decision making
  • Effective Leadership skills
  • Self confidence enhanced
  • Fun
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